The Lehman Formula (also known as the Lehman Fee or Lehman Scale or Double Lehman Formula) is a commonly used method for defining compensation owed to M&A Advisors, deal brokers, investment bankers for arranging a transaction. The Lehman Scale typically refers only to the success fee paid to the Advisors (M&A, Brokers, Investment Bankers) for successfully closing a deal.

Double Lehman Formula ("Modern Lehman")

Deal Size $
Average Fee0%
Total Fee$0
Double Percentage Lehman ("Modern Lehman") Amount
10% of the first $1 million, plus$0
9% of the second $1 million, plus$0
8% of the third $1 million, plus$0
7% of the fourth $1 million, plus$0
6% of the fifth $1 million, plus$0
5% of the sixth $1 million, plus$0
4% of the seventh $1 million, plus$0
3% of the eighth $1 million and everything above.$0

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